Josef and Anni Albers,,en,Voyage inside a blind experience,,en,Within the VIBE project,,it,Voyage Inside a Blind Experience,,en,Noesis is pleased to invite you,,it,the day,,it,at,,it,at the opening of the exhibition,,it,which will be hosted by,,it,April al,,it,July in Siena,,it,at the Santa Maria della Scala complex,,it,The VIBE project,,it,born thanks to an international collaboration between the Santa Maria della Scala of Siena,,it,The Glucksman,,en,University College Cork,,en,the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb,,it,the Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan and Atlante Servizi Culturali,,it,who took care of it,,it,is co-funded by the Creative Europe program,,it,of European Union,,it,The exhibition will be hosted,,it,later,,it,in two other European museums,,it,presso The Glucksman,,en. Voyage inside a blind experience

Within the VIBE project,it. Voyage Inside a Blind Experience, Noesis è lieta di invitarvi [...]